Monday, March 7, 2011

Dry Dry Heat

Lately I've been missing the dry dessert heat and ever-so-spicy Mexican food that Arizona graciously offered me on a visit last year.  The rolling foresty (could be a word, you don't know) scenery in Prescott and the most gorgeous sunsets over mountains that I have ever seen in my life have been consuming my thoughts of late, making me literally ache to go back asap.  That being said, I can't help but be a little excited about some of the Native American influences on fashion this spring.  Here are some items that offer a little dry heat & spice to any girls' wardrobe:

Free People - Watercolor Tube Dress
All I'm gonna say is you NEED this.  The style and cut works for just about everyone, and its a dress you can wear a million times in a million different ways.  Belt it, throw a longer crocheted cover-up over it (hey, you could throw a belt over that too), pair it with ankle boots, below-the knee distressed boots and some sheer leg just need this dress.  Plus, it comes in light blue, light pink, or the black!  (Although, I'm partial to the black.)

Lulu's - High Frequency Fringe Tunic/Tank
I want to wear this with some long feather earrings and a ton of wrap bracelets, and go to Coachella.  I mean, this tank is just cool.  You'll look like a BAMF wearing it...and lets be honest, who doesn't want to send off that vibe every once and a while?  Thats what I thought.  

Forever 21 - Rainbow Knit Poncho
I know poncho's are oftentimes associated with fat days (yes, it is a coincidence that Fat Tuesday is tomorrow, and I'm posting this today).  Just trust me, this is one sweet poncho.  It's great to throw on over a tank on a cool summer night rather than your old college hoodie (you're not making any statement with that other than the fact that you've done a few keg stands and pulled some all-nighters).  Moral of this story, those kangaroo pockets on your sweatshirt aren't making you look any thinner, so maybe you should rethink what articles of clothing you give a bad rep.

Ikat printed scarf - Charlotte Russe
I always try to throw in something for you late adapters who aren't as likely to hop on the new trends full-throttle.  Thats ok, when the water is chilly I only put my toes in at first too.  Here's a scarf that allows you to warm up to the trend before fully committing and sticking your head under.  It can be worn with just about anything that matches it color-wise.  Chicka chicka yeaa.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Real Talk

There are a few things that have been bringing a smile to my little soul lately that I just thought I'd share with all of you:

1)  The song "Send Me on My Way" by Rusted Root.  IF I ever get married, this is the song that pops is gonna have to walk me down the aisle to.  I wouldn't be wearing shoes, and the reception would have a live reggae band.

B)  Weird and quirky jewelry pieces.  I've got a snake bracelet and necklace, owl studded earrings, an octopus ring, a fortune cookie necklace, a handcuff necklace, a ladybug ring...the list goes on.  Who knows what I'm more obsessed with - the fact that these pieces are unique, or the looks on peoples faces when they realize I've got some weird animal on my finger covered in rhinestones.

III)  Bright colored everything.  Purple, blue, orange, pink, yellow, turquoise..I need more.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect tribal/gypsy/hippy tunic as well as a colorblock Edie Sedgwick-inspired dress.

Four)  Thrift stores.  This is an ongoing obsession of mine.  I just recently found two awesome leather jackets for 12 bucks each - one's cognac and the other is a deep lipstick red.  Steals.

Cinco)  Australian designer Camilla Franks.  Each piece is literally a work of art in my book.

check out her website -


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is it spring yet??

It's official.  I'm over Winter.  Actually, I was over winter starting December 26th, but the weather never seems to parallel my own wants.  Even though Spring weather is not anywhere in the near future, I've started freshening up the drab taupes, camel, and black apparel in my wardrobe with some brighter, more cheerful apparel.  Here are 3 hot musts in every girls' wardrobe to start off this Spring/Summer 'll:

1) Something striped..

I know what you're thinking "Heather, nautical is in EVERY spring".  Yea.  It is.  So, I hope you saved some stuff from last spring.  But, if you didn't, that's fine because the big difference this year is that your nautical navy and white striped piece needs to be the main attraction of your outfit.  No more safe off the shoulder striped knitwear.  ITS. BEEN. DONE.  Last year was just to get you warmed up for this year.  Above is a great example for your staple piece - a bold, striped open blazer from H&M.  I love it because it could work with a lot of outfits - over a little dress with tights and ankle boots (once it gets warmer, exchange the tights for some cute little lace socks), over a basic tee with a pair of dark jeans, over one of those hot leather skirts that are SO in for 2011...whatever you pair it with, have fun!  Just don't wear stripes under don't want to make people run for their bottles of Tylenol.

2) Something with a tassle or 3...
Ask any one of my friends and they'll tell you that I am absolutely obsessed with Aldo's bags.  I think they do an outstanding job of staying on-trend with handbags - and for the low prices, they're great quality!  This is one I absolutely live for.  Satchel, tassel, LOVE.  I think the color is also great because its very chic and a nice transition from the black and camel-colored satchels of the Fall/Winter collections.  But if you're not into satchels, there is surely something else that will be coming out in stores shortly with tassels that you may fall in love with.  They are very in this season so you will be seeing them all over the place-clothes, bags, and other accessories.

3) Macramé/Crocheted pieces...
Put all those stretch lace shirts away, ladies, they're a thing of the past this season!  In comes a less over-the-top sexy, more effortless bohemian trend!  Crocheted and macramé pieces were all over the S/S 2011 runways!  Obviously, don't overdo it unless you absolutely love this trend..all you really need is one versatile article for your wardrobe.  I love these shorts from Charlotte Russe because they can be worn with opaque tights and ankle boots while its still cold out and then easily transition to either some oxfords or sandals once it starts warming up.  Try to go with a more flowy style of top, since this is a very free-spirited look.  Some of the bright robin's egg blues, saturated sea-foam greens, and corals that are in this spring look great with this trend. Make sure you top off your look with some playful ceramic bangles that are also in and you'll be set!

Shop away!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"There's no shortcut to a dream..

just blood'n'sweat; and life is what you manage in between." - B.B. "October"

I hope everyone's holidays went well! I haven't had time to post anything since my time has been occupied with work and such, but here's a little glimpse at what I've been doing! Hope you like it..I don't know about you, but it makes me really excited for Spring!

**you can find any of these items at your nearest Charlotte Russe!**

Monday, December 20, 2010

In times like these, you need to use your noggin..

...and keep it warm!  I don't know about you guys, but here in Chicago its beginning to look too much like Christmas, if you know what I mean.  That being said, hats have been on my brain (ohhhhh I'm bad!)  Here are some different styles that I've been lusting after:

I love myself a great fedora, but lets be honest, fedoras don't exactly scream winter fashion.  That's why I love cloche's.  They're a chic alternative to the fedora when its snowing and you don't want a bunch of fluff in your brim!  There's a lot of cloche's out there and I suggest trying them on because some are way too deep and you'll just end up looking like a 3 year old with a bucket on your nocker.  This cloche from Target is awesome, though, and I strongly suggest you give it a shot just like you did with that deadbeat ex boyfriend of yours..except this one won't give you a migraine :)

Another type of hat that I love, which looks flattering on almost everyone is the relaxed, knitted beret.  They're casual, comfortable, and can easily transition from outside to in without making you feel out of place.  I personally cannot get enough of these types of hats and have a few different colors.  (If you struggle with them staying in place on your head, bobby pin through the rim of the knit into your hair in a couple strategic places and you should be golden.)  This one from Forever 21 is cute and very affordable, so you can purchase as many colors as you like and not feel guilty that its almost Christmas and you've only been shopping for yourself! (Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.)
This third hat is a quirky lil guy.  When I see these my soul smiles a bit.  Thats right, I'm referring to trapper hats.  They're goofy and they remind us of a guy with more bullets in his rifle than teeth in his mouff.  BUT I think they're adorable and anyone who has the guts to wear them is cool in my book.  Not to mention they are extremely warm.  I L.O.V.E. this one from Charlotte Russe.  Not too much fur, and matches just about any coat you may have in your closet.  Guaranteed Eskimo kiss, ladies.  You'll be irresistibly cute in this gem.

What are you waiting for? Go out there and get yourself a hat or three.  The season isn't changing anytime soon and you're just plain in denial if you think global warming is gonna swoop in and save us until March.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Time to cleanse your palette from the staleness of 2010...

Your color palette, that is.  2011 is almost here and if you don't know already, Pantone has picked the perfect new color of the year to cheer us all up!  With the 2010 color of the year being turquoise, a cool, calming tone, Pantone has decided to go in a more chipper direction with a vibrant, almost annoyingly perky pink!  I, myself, have typically been very anti-pink, so when I heard this I had to stop my eyes from rolling.  I've always associated pink with peppy, overly girly, princess-like girls who buy purses specially to stick their poor wallet-sized "dogs" in.  BUT, after looking at the color more I realized that this color adds a much-needed pop in a girl's wardrobe! (Especially if you are like me and have alot of black clothing.)  Here are some staple honeysuckle-colored items that every girl needs for 2011:

These Miss Me shoes are awesome...this is a very dark/saturated honeysuckle color, which I love.  These are definitely a statement shoe that can make any LBD look instantly refreshed.  They would also look great with a pair of dark skinnies and a cute black or charcoal colored top.  Whatever you decide to put with them, let the shoe be the center of attention..that means stick with the minimalist approach on jewelry and other accessories.  These shoes are loud and proud but it works for them :) (And at only $35.00 at DSW, you should let them speak.)

I know what you're thinking "Pink AND ruffles? What is this, Legally Blonde?? Does it smell like bubble gum too??"  Yes, no, and..that would be nice but no.  This top from Express is cool because it's versatile and the more you get to know me, the more you'll realize that I am obsessed with versatility.  Plus, it has a v-neckline which is flattering to almost every female out there because it highlights the chest without being too revealing and the V cut is slimming to the silhouette.  How do you wear it, you ask? Oh, let me count all the ways...First off, I always say for shirts like this buy a size larger than what you normally wear.  You get extra length, which allows you to wear it in alot more ways than shown in this picture.  Pair it with a cami and a pair of leggings and boots for a casual look.  Dress it up with a skinny belt over it (I wouldn't do a thick belt just because it'll take away from the neckline and there will be too much going on in one area.)  Throw a blazer over it with some long dangle earrings, a large ring, and some heels and you're ready to go out! OR if you dare, put a black leather jacket with it and a pair of ankle boots and skinnies to roughen it up a bit.  The possibilities are endless with this one!

I've never been a huge fan of Old Navy, but kudos to them for unknowingly being on top of this color trend!  Even if you only wear this for one year, the mere $12.50 this scarf costs is too good to pass up.  Put it on top of any black top and instantly you'll find yourself smiling a little bit more..this color brings light to anyones face no matter what your skin tone because it is so vibrant.  If you feel like its too much pink right around your face then twist it with a black scarf to break up the color a bit more.  No matter what way you wear it, this scarf is a must-have.

O.P.I. has done it again with its clever play on words and hit the nail (pun intended) on the head with its Lacquer India Collection...especially with the color above named "I'm Indi-a Mood For Love".  Whether or not you are (in the mood for love, that is) this is a nail color you should be in the mood for.  It makes for a great pop of color on your hands and looks flattering on almost every skin tone!  Not to mention, this will be fabulous on your toesies once you can start wearing sandals again!

I don't know about you all, but I am very excited about the new year, and this color is only making me more excited to be done with 2010 and move on to 2011!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't give your style the cold shoulder just because your shoulders are cold..

Its hard to layer on the clothes when its so cold out without avoiding the whole "Michelin-Man" look.  Alot of us are guilty of letting fashion fall by the wayside when we start seeing our own breath and our cars don't heat up until we're pulling into our jobs parking lots.  Fortunately, clothing manufacturers and designers realize that we can't all life in California and have made some great winter items that are both fabulous AND anti-frostbite!!
Last year's hottest and hardest to find fashion item, the over-the-knee boot, has now coursed through the veins of America and has landed in the Midwest! FINALLY, an item that is both cold-weather friendly and chic alike! I'm in love with the Chinese Laundry "Trust Me" boots! Just under $100, you can get these gems in suede or leather in a few different colors! I love!  Add some leggings and contrasting thigh high socks and you have the bottom of a hot little outfit!

Where should you get these thigh-highs I'm talking about?  I absolutely LOVE  because they have a great selection of both quirky and more subdued over the knee socks! These are my current favorite because they're so versatile:

Have fun with it! Layering can look great if you do it right!  If you're concerned about your thighs appearing too thick or the over-the-knee look appearing too binding, then try the modified version!  Chinese Laundry has the same exact style boots that come right below the knee in the style called "Tahoe" and then either bunch down the over the knee socks or get some leg warmers!  You can sport this look with even a pair of dark skinnies and/or jeggings (both fashion musts)!

Now for up-top, layering gets even more fun :)  I love all the open fly-away sweaters this season, but lets face it, they just don't work under coats.  Its too bulky in the front because the sweater can't be buttoned!  I like this as an alternative: a slightly longer version of your conventional-belt buckle rise sweater...not necessarily a sweater dress, and not loose enough to be considered a tunic.  You can mix and match it with different colored layering cami's (which also smooth out any little problem areas) and layer it with a vest, blazer, scarf, necklace, or anything else you like!  Here are some sweaters I like -

Heritage 1981 - this one is great because the stripes down the side have an amazing slimming effect!

New York & Company - Love the casual feel of the hood - I imagine wearing this with a short simple necklace and a few thin bangles to look cute and feel comfortable when running errands

I absolutely love how classic and sophisticated this cardigan from Banana Republic is!  It would look great belted and with a deep, color saturated infinity scarf (another key item of the season).  And, if you're feeling adventurous twirl together two scarves or stack a few different textured/colored skinny belts! Bracelets aren't the only things that look great stacked!

Like I said before, all of these looks would also work great topped off with a fitted 3/4 sleeve blazer and the sleeves of the sweater rolled up to match!  I love this one from Charlotte Russe because it adds texture, its super comfortable, and adds warmth!  Have fun ladies! Toodles!