Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is it spring yet??

It's official.  I'm over Winter.  Actually, I was over winter starting December 26th, but the weather never seems to parallel my own wants.  Even though Spring weather is not anywhere in the near future, I've started freshening up the drab taupes, camel, and black apparel in my wardrobe with some brighter, more cheerful apparel.  Here are 3 hot musts in every girls' wardrobe to start off this Spring/Summer 'll:

1) Something striped..

I know what you're thinking "Heather, nautical is in EVERY spring".  Yea.  It is.  So, I hope you saved some stuff from last spring.  But, if you didn't, that's fine because the big difference this year is that your nautical navy and white striped piece needs to be the main attraction of your outfit.  No more safe off the shoulder striped knitwear.  ITS. BEEN. DONE.  Last year was just to get you warmed up for this year.  Above is a great example for your staple piece - a bold, striped open blazer from H&M.  I love it because it could work with a lot of outfits - over a little dress with tights and ankle boots (once it gets warmer, exchange the tights for some cute little lace socks), over a basic tee with a pair of dark jeans, over one of those hot leather skirts that are SO in for 2011...whatever you pair it with, have fun!  Just don't wear stripes under don't want to make people run for their bottles of Tylenol.

2) Something with a tassle or 3...
Ask any one of my friends and they'll tell you that I am absolutely obsessed with Aldo's bags.  I think they do an outstanding job of staying on-trend with handbags - and for the low prices, they're great quality!  This is one I absolutely live for.  Satchel, tassel, LOVE.  I think the color is also great because its very chic and a nice transition from the black and camel-colored satchels of the Fall/Winter collections.  But if you're not into satchels, there is surely something else that will be coming out in stores shortly with tassels that you may fall in love with.  They are very in this season so you will be seeing them all over the place-clothes, bags, and other accessories.

3) Macramé/Crocheted pieces...
Put all those stretch lace shirts away, ladies, they're a thing of the past this season!  In comes a less over-the-top sexy, more effortless bohemian trend!  Crocheted and macramé pieces were all over the S/S 2011 runways!  Obviously, don't overdo it unless you absolutely love this trend..all you really need is one versatile article for your wardrobe.  I love these shorts from Charlotte Russe because they can be worn with opaque tights and ankle boots while its still cold out and then easily transition to either some oxfords or sandals once it starts warming up.  Try to go with a more flowy style of top, since this is a very free-spirited look.  Some of the bright robin's egg blues, saturated sea-foam greens, and corals that are in this spring look great with this trend. Make sure you top off your look with some playful ceramic bangles that are also in and you'll be set!

Shop away!

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