Monday, March 7, 2011

Dry Dry Heat

Lately I've been missing the dry dessert heat and ever-so-spicy Mexican food that Arizona graciously offered me on a visit last year.  The rolling foresty (could be a word, you don't know) scenery in Prescott and the most gorgeous sunsets over mountains that I have ever seen in my life have been consuming my thoughts of late, making me literally ache to go back asap.  That being said, I can't help but be a little excited about some of the Native American influences on fashion this spring.  Here are some items that offer a little dry heat & spice to any girls' wardrobe:

Free People - Watercolor Tube Dress
All I'm gonna say is you NEED this.  The style and cut works for just about everyone, and its a dress you can wear a million times in a million different ways.  Belt it, throw a longer crocheted cover-up over it (hey, you could throw a belt over that too), pair it with ankle boots, below-the knee distressed boots and some sheer leg just need this dress.  Plus, it comes in light blue, light pink, or the black!  (Although, I'm partial to the black.)

Lulu's - High Frequency Fringe Tunic/Tank
I want to wear this with some long feather earrings and a ton of wrap bracelets, and go to Coachella.  I mean, this tank is just cool.  You'll look like a BAMF wearing it...and lets be honest, who doesn't want to send off that vibe every once and a while?  Thats what I thought.  

Forever 21 - Rainbow Knit Poncho
I know poncho's are oftentimes associated with fat days (yes, it is a coincidence that Fat Tuesday is tomorrow, and I'm posting this today).  Just trust me, this is one sweet poncho.  It's great to throw on over a tank on a cool summer night rather than your old college hoodie (you're not making any statement with that other than the fact that you've done a few keg stands and pulled some all-nighters).  Moral of this story, those kangaroo pockets on your sweatshirt aren't making you look any thinner, so maybe you should rethink what articles of clothing you give a bad rep.

Ikat printed scarf - Charlotte Russe
I always try to throw in something for you late adapters who aren't as likely to hop on the new trends full-throttle.  Thats ok, when the water is chilly I only put my toes in at first too.  Here's a scarf that allows you to warm up to the trend before fully committing and sticking your head under.  It can be worn with just about anything that matches it color-wise.  Chicka chicka yeaa.