Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't give your style the cold shoulder just because your shoulders are cold..

Its hard to layer on the clothes when its so cold out without avoiding the whole "Michelin-Man" look.  Alot of us are guilty of letting fashion fall by the wayside when we start seeing our own breath and our cars don't heat up until we're pulling into our jobs parking lots.  Fortunately, clothing manufacturers and designers realize that we can't all life in California and have made some great winter items that are both fabulous AND anti-frostbite!!
Last year's hottest and hardest to find fashion item, the over-the-knee boot, has now coursed through the veins of America and has landed in the Midwest! FINALLY, an item that is both cold-weather friendly and chic alike! I'm in love with the Chinese Laundry "Trust Me" boots! Just under $100, you can get these gems in suede or leather in a few different colors! I love!  Add some leggings and contrasting thigh high socks and you have the bottom of a hot little outfit!

Where should you get these thigh-highs I'm talking about?  I absolutely LOVE  because they have a great selection of both quirky and more subdued over the knee socks! These are my current favorite because they're so versatile:

Have fun with it! Layering can look great if you do it right!  If you're concerned about your thighs appearing too thick or the over-the-knee look appearing too binding, then try the modified version!  Chinese Laundry has the same exact style boots that come right below the knee in the style called "Tahoe" and then either bunch down the over the knee socks or get some leg warmers!  You can sport this look with even a pair of dark skinnies and/or jeggings (both fashion musts)!

Now for up-top, layering gets even more fun :)  I love all the open fly-away sweaters this season, but lets face it, they just don't work under coats.  Its too bulky in the front because the sweater can't be buttoned!  I like this as an alternative: a slightly longer version of your conventional-belt buckle rise sweater...not necessarily a sweater dress, and not loose enough to be considered a tunic.  You can mix and match it with different colored layering cami's (which also smooth out any little problem areas) and layer it with a vest, blazer, scarf, necklace, or anything else you like!  Here are some sweaters I like -

Heritage 1981 - this one is great because the stripes down the side have an amazing slimming effect!

New York & Company - Love the casual feel of the hood - I imagine wearing this with a short simple necklace and a few thin bangles to look cute and feel comfortable when running errands

I absolutely love how classic and sophisticated this cardigan from Banana Republic is!  It would look great belted and with a deep, color saturated infinity scarf (another key item of the season).  And, if you're feeling adventurous twirl together two scarves or stack a few different textured/colored skinny belts! Bracelets aren't the only things that look great stacked!

Like I said before, all of these looks would also work great topped off with a fitted 3/4 sleeve blazer and the sleeves of the sweater rolled up to match!  I love this one from Charlotte Russe because it adds texture, its super comfortable, and adds warmth!  Have fun ladies! Toodles!

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